Danish Windmillers
since 1976
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      WIND TURBINE TECHNOLOGY                                               OPEN SOURCE R&D                                                                 SUMMER 2013
1. Overview 2. Workbench 3. Store 4. Induction 1 kW 2,4 m 5. PMG 1 kW
6. Aeromotor 2,4 m 7. Micro turbine 8 . Drilling machine 9. Band saw 10. Lathe
11. Plate shears 12. Plate mill 13.  Blade injection equipment 14. Curing oven 15. Welding equipment
16. Test bench 17.  Grid tie inverter 3 kW 18. Aeromotor blades 19. Composite workshop 20. Tower for Aeromotor (generator to be remowed)
Until 1995 we designed, produced and sold some 40 Windflowers,hard work for a small two person family company designing, taking orders, making blades, machining parts, keeping books and sweeping floor.
Work for large scale wind turbine manufacturers thus easily became more lucrativ.
For Bonus Energy and Siemens Wind Power we have since been full time consultants on design, models, graphics, product evaluation and patent detective work.
Our workshop has suffered from this. However we now seem to head towards small wind turbine ventures again - first step is cleaning up the workshop.